This is a loving dedication to video games; why they affect us, why we should appreciate them, and why they should be considered an art and not just a pastime.

I grew up playing games–before I even could operate a controller! My parents held me on their lap as they joystick-ed their way through Wolfenstein. Then I fell in love with The Legend of Zelda…. and much of my young mind was stuck in the realm of Hyrule even though my feet were on the ground. As I grew, I began to adore the way that video games tell a story by making you a part of it. They are not movies to be lost in, or books that shape landscapes in the head. They force you to leave the couch and make choices. Some games even have consequences for said choices.

So! Sit back, relax a little bit (I hope–if not take a nap. I’ll understand) and enjoy this blog that remembers random clippings of my thoughts.